Our 3rd TPM in Nicosia – Cyprus


The vibrant city of Nicosia was alive with our enlightening three-day meeting, where our educators, trainers, and policymakers came together to discuss and shape the future of migrant education. Our agenda was filled with thought-provoking sessions aimed at developing innovative tools, fostering key competences, and sharing best practices. So, let’s take a closer look at the highlights from each day.

Day 1: Exciting Toolkit Content (PR 1)
We kicked off the morning with a concise summary of the surveys conducted, followed by an engaging discussion to determine the fifth key competence. Together, we focused on identifying the tools and resources that students and teachers need, based on the survey results. Afterwards, we gathered for a delightful lunch, which provided ample time for networking and collaboration. In the afternoon, we hosted a lively workshop, where we shared and brainstormed ideas for the content of our toolkit.

Day 2: Inspiring Learning Portfolio Content (PR 2)
Our second day started with a productive session on aligning the learning portfolio with the toolkit, emphasizing the need for synergy between the two. We worked together to finalize the format of the online portfolio, ensuring it complements the toolkit. In the afternoon, we delved into the best practices and recommendations for stakeholders. Collaboratively, we established the titles and subtitles for our forthcoming guidebook/booklet, setting the stage for a comprehensive and impactful resource. To enrich the day culturally, we organized a guided tour of Nicosia, offering a glimpse into the captivating heritage of the city.

Day 3: Best Practices and Recommendations for Stakeholders (PR 3)
The final day started with a dynamic workshop focused on creating content for the guidebook/booklet. We shared our experiences and insights, crafting valuable recommendations for language trainers, integration trainers, VET providers, and policymakers. This session showcased the dedication and expertise within the field of migrant education. As the meeting drew to a close, we reiterated the next steps and tasks, ensuring a clear path forward.

Throughout these three days, we have consistently emphasized the project’s overarching goals, reminding each participant of the significance of their collective efforts. Our aim is to create an inclusive online toolkit, a comprehensive learning portfolio, and a guidebook/booklet of best practices and recommendations. These resources will empower educators, trainers, and policymakers to support migrants on their educational journey while addressing the challenges of transitioning into VET.

As we concluded this meeting, each participant left with a renewed sense of purpose and a deepened commitment to our project. The insights, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities fostered a strong collaborative spirit, promising a brighter future for migrant learners. The shared experiences, ideas, and expertise will undoubtedly benefit educators, trainers, and policymakers, enabling them to create a seamless transition from integration/language training to VET.

Our journey to promote effective practices in migrant education continues, and the valuable outcomes of this meeting will soon be shared with stakeholders, managers, and policymakers at both national and European levels. Together, we can build a future where migrants are equipped with the necessary skills, competences, and support to thrive in their educational path, studies, VET, and beyond.

The success of this meeting would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication and warm hospitality of our hosts in Nicosia, CENTRE FOR COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT CYPRUS (COMCY). We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the organizing committee, the local partners, and the city itself for providing us with an ideal environment to exchange ideas and forge meaningful connections.

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