The 1st meeting of KEYS was held on 09/02/2022. Each partner organisation introduced itself and made a small presentation about the organisation.

After the presentations, partners discussed about the expectations regarding the project. The expectation regarding the results and some main points of the project.

Afterwards the participants were divided into 4 groups of approximately 5 persons and were asked to work on the expectations for the project. The groups worked in their breakout rooms discussing the expectations for the 3 Project Results and then share their points with the other groups.

Kick off meeting is coming!

Partners are going to meet in person at our kickoff meeting in Bilbao, in March! Until then the partners have some tasks to be done, concerning

  • The results
  • The project’s needs
  • The best practices


If you want to learn more about the partnership, here are some info:

The partnership consists of 10 partners

Partners are from 9 different countries, Finland, Netherlands, Cyprus, Greece , Portugal, Spain, Germany, Slovenia and Norway.

More info about each partner:

Stay tuned for more info and news!

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