11. Learning to learn competence
22. Digital competence
33. Literacy competence
44. Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology, and engineering
55. Cultural competence
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Key Competences are transversal skills that are needed everywhere: in everyday life, in education, and at work. You can learn and develop your key competences throughout your life in different environments.

It is important to make key competences visible not only to develop them but also to utilize your strengths when studying, working, or choosing a profession. With this tool you can assess your key competences in five areas:

1. Learning to learn competence
2. Digital competence
3. Literacy competence
4. Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology, and engineering
5. Cultural competence

In every part you assess your skills related to that competence on a scale of one to six. In the end, you will get information on your level of skills and ideas and tips on how to develop your skills further. There are four levels of competence: 1 key, 2 keys, 3 keys and 4 keys. Later you can assess your skills again and learn whether your skills have improved. Put some effort and gain all 4 keys!

You can utilize the information on your level of skills in many ways. You can use it when applying for an education or job or when making career choices or simply for self-improvement. Learn more about yourself and the skills that you have gained in your life!

1 = strongly disagree | 2 = disagree | 3 = slightly disagree | 4 = slightly agree | 5 = agree | 6 = strongly agree

I know how to reach my goals
I can work with people in a constructive manner
I can evaluate the consequences of my actions
I can manage my daily life such as schedule, eating, sleeping, exercising, and resting
I can be resilient when I am struggling with challenging issues
I can handle my own emotions and to deal with the emotions of others
I know to whom to turn to when facing problems in life or in education
I can adapt to changing situations without losing my ability to act
I can use the given feedback to improve my actions
I am aware of the rules and values of society
I can develop myself by learning
I can evaluate my progress in my studies

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